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What is Managed Services?

Managed Services takes what you know about technology and boosts it to be more efficient, advanced, and secure. These services allow our consultants to monitor the moving pieces of your technology. You have an error – we fix it. You need support – we provide it. If your business is attacked – we fight.


Managed Services is the most practical path to reliable infrastructure and advanced technology for your business.


What can it do?

Protect the network from hackers, malware, everyday cybercriminals, and vindictive employees.

Guarantee increased productivity, uptime, cost efficiency, and help reduce obstacles.

Outlive hardware glitches, power failures, and internal errors.

Why is all of this important?

It’s not just important; it’s a necessity. If your network isn’t protected, cannot minimize IT issues, nor protect your data, then you’ll be among those businesses that risk losing customer confidence. Doesn't it sound more appealing to use industry-leading technology to create peace of mind?

What are the benefits?

Healthcare professionals achieve predictable costs, increased availability, responsiveness, and productivity.

Manufacturers experience increased storage and data security; plus, increase productivity and collaboration between sites.

Construction companies realize increased workflow efficiencies, compliance, and security.

Farmers attest to reduced risk, controlled, and predictable spending, and proactive solutions.

Transporters encounter supply chain efficiency from top to bottom, while increasing shipping process proficiency.


Do you want to work with technology that does what it should, when it should?


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What Others Say

"RBSK IT Consulting has provided Fraley and Schilling with a high quality and degree of professionalism, while providing excellent expertise for our technology needs."

"RBSK IT Consulting has been providing all of our IT needs for many years. Their prompt and professional support has been imperative in keeping our business on the top of ever-changing technology needs, allowing us to smoothly transition and continue serving our clients quickly and efficiently."

"Decatur County Government has worked with RBSK IT Consulting for many years. We in the Auditor's office rely on RBSK IT employees due to their knowledge of our software, hardware and programs essential to carrying out our tasks/duties."