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What is Cybersecurity?

In the past, data was stored on paper that was filed in cabinets and safes. Break-ins could allow criminals access to that sensitive information. But, what kept them out? Door locks. Alarm systems. Physical barriers.


Today, technology offers the same securities, but on a higher level. Data is filed digitally. Barriers are put in place electronically with security codes, sophisticated passwords, and multiple “locks” to access information.

What can it do?

Protects data from being taken or destroyed.

Identifies potential vulnerabilities that cyber criminals look for.

Keeps your business safe from a variety of digital threats.

Why is it important?

Undergoing a proper security assessment, done by professionals, is the first step in your cyber security strategy. Vulnerabilities are identified, which allows for the correct steps to be taken in protecting your business.

How do you benefit?

Solid networking security makes your company less vulnerable to malicious cyberattacks.

We assist you with compliance challenges and cybersecurity best practices.

Your data is protected by industry-leading technology and technology professionals.


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"RBSK IT Consulting has provided Fraley and Schilling with a high quality and degree of professionalism, while providing excellent expertise for our technology needs."

"RBSK IT Consulting has been providing all of our IT needs for many years. Their prompt and professional support has been imperative in keeping our business on the top of ever-changing technology needs, allowing us to smoothly transition and continue serving our clients quickly and efficiently."

"Decatur County Government has worked with RBSK IT Consulting for many years. We in the Auditor's office rely on RBSK IT employees due to their knowledge of our software, hardware and programs essential to carrying out our tasks/duties."