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Communication & Collaboration


Benefit your business with a 100% cloud-based communication service at a fraction of traditional phone service costs. The goal is to simplify your business communication, increase your productivity, and enable you to better serve your customers.

What can it do?

Total Mobility: Make/Receive calls from anywhere. Chat with other user from anywhere. Move calls seamlessly from desk to mobile.

Call Management: Manage your phone service. Log on from anywhere. Monitor activity and performance.

Team Collaboration: Voice Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Desktop Screen-sharing.

Why is this important?

Communication is a critical business component. If your team cannot connect to each other as well as connect your customers with your staff, then there is a problem. Customer service will be impacted; overall service will falter; and employees will become discontented.


What are the benefits?

Smaller companies benefit from a corporate-like communication environment.

IT departments can declutter and easily maintain the cabling closet.

Team members can view conversations differently and open new doors.




Do you know the 5 signs it may be time to switch phone service providers?

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Download the 5 Signs You Need a New Phone Service Provider eBook



Questions about analog vs cloud-based phones?

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Download the True Costs of a Phone System eBook


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"RBSK IT Consulting has provided Fraley and Schilling with a high quality and degree of professionalism, while providing excellent expertise for our technology needs."

"RBSK IT Consulting has been providing all of our IT needs for many years. Their prompt and professional support has been imperative in keeping our business on the top of ever-changing technology needs, allowing us to smoothly transition and continue serving our clients quickly and efficiently."

"Decatur County Government has worked with RBSK IT Consulting for many years. We in the Auditor's office rely on RBSK IT employees due to their knowledge of our software, hardware and programs essential to carrying out our tasks/duties."